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Manifesto  di una Psicologia Clinica dello Sport in un Ecologia della Mente e Sport ©in cammino per Milano EXPO-2015

Sport model for theindividual and human community growth and wellbeing

Over the past twentyfive years (since 1989) in Psychology department led by Marcello Cesa Bianchi have been developed some clinical sport psychology studies thanks to the works of C. Ravasini - G. Lodetti – Università degli Studi di Milano Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia (Aspetti psicoanalitici dell'attività sportiva ed. Ghedini)
These works have created a new area of interest for the applied clinical psychology, which is the clinical Sport Psychology ©, focused on the athletes personality growth and on the prevention and treatment of youg age discomfort through sport practice.
The aim of this clinical research is to define and share an universal message of the sport value
Principal objective is the prevention of juvenile disadvantage using sport not in agonistic sense, but like an approach oriented towards the harmonious growth and a god development of the personality. The methodology is clinical observation of defense mechanism and relational and communication ways, read through Transactional Analysis. Our studies observe defense mechanism used from person into the sport activity, their play activity, their relationship to individuate problems and suggest them the right remedial action (sometimes the sport itself is the right remedy) So we came to a new sport formula, aimed to the prevention and care of young age disconfort and also to the well being development. This formula has been highlighted on the national newspaper Corriere della Sera on 30 March 1990 in an article written by Silvia Vegetti Finzi, dynamic psychology Professor at Università degli Studi di Pavia and International psychology historian These studies have been approved by EFPA European Federation of Psychologist Association, that confirmed their complete scientific autonomy in Xth European Congress held in Prague in 2007, where for the first time a new section called clinical sport psychology has been created and directed by AIPPS (Association International Psychologie et Psycanalyse du Sport –,
born in 1994, WCP (World Council of Psychoterapy) member since 1996 and now FISSP Federazione Italiana Società Scientifiche Psicologia) member. Based on these studies about one hundred scientific articles had been published and brought to many scientific congresses supported from other psychology branches and main representatives, and also under the aegis of International Entities as European Commission, Unicef.. SIPCS (Società Internazionale Psicologi Clinici dello Sport) has been created in 2008 with the aim of training specialized personnel who follow this clinical approach, creating more projects to be applied on a national and international contexts. Some workshops have taken place in Milan through the Scuola Regionale dello Sport (CONI) and Ordine degli psicologi della Lombardia; a Master of Science has been activated through the Ospedale Sant’ Anna in Como under the Patronage of Ordine Regionale degli Psicologi e della Provincia di Milano Projects proposed by AIPPS (registered in Ministero delle politiche giovanili e attività sportive) help children and young people to develop correct management of aggressiveness, ADHD, hypomotility, good relationships with peers, immigrants integration, disabled integration. They also develop well being aimed strategies with weak social categories such as children, elderly people and teenagers, also teaching the importance of rules to the categories like prisoners and drug addicts. Working plans, sport league models, school models, university models with e-learning courses are already using the projects mentioned above. This clinical psychology approach has been approved from Deputy Head of the Sport Unit at the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission and from the World Institute for Advanced Research and Science (WIARS), as one of the most effective scientific approach to sport. AIPPS and SIPCS created the Format Modello Ecologia della Mente e Sport 2012-15 © for EXPO 2015 Milan, in order to share at international level this therapeuthic and prevention message and approach through the clinical analysis of sport practice Clinical research and actions based on this approach are conducted by the scientific, small but tenacious team. Our operators and psychologists are the pioneers of a new frontier of the human knowledge, of its development and application that has a strong impact on the Community. Therefore I give them my gratitude, and I think also the one of many children and parents who have so far benefited from this total commitment, expression of the Italian and Milanese intelligence.

Milan, 23 September 2013

Dr. Giovanni Lodetti