Exploration of emotive and relational sphere into fighting sport: a look into handwriting and emotion’s lecture. Check of a possible strategy for rebalancing process.

During pilot research’s first phase atletes stand to a graphologic test, writing ten rows their sign and drawing a tree.
Reading their grafic signum we write their personalit profiles paying attention to their methods in relationships, their stress’s handing, their selfesteem’s level, their defence’s mechanisms. Second phase performs into fencing’s gym lookimg at their behaviour during training and during competition, stress situation in which behaviour and reaction are exasperated by anxiety, using graphologic profile like comparison instrument.

During third phase we use Bach’s Flowers like an intervention instrument into emotion’s handing.
Immunobiology studies hypothesis that physic health and emoziona well-being are closely correlated and we have verified if there is an effective rebalancing of the emotions involved into the performance to obtain the highest possible performance according to athlete’s effective ability.

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